Nerf Gun Giveaway 2017

Nerf Gun Giveaway for Nerf gun & YouTube fans.

We love the Minions & Despicable Me movie characters. We want to plan a Nerf gun war with these fun little Minions.
Follow us on our Nerf Gun war YouTube channel as we give away a huge Nerf gun arsenal to all of our fans and Minion fans alike. Simply click on the link below and subscribe for a notification of the Nerf Gun Giveaway

You can find out more about our Nerf gun giveaway by clicking on the link below to find our YouTube playlist -> “Nerf Gun Giveaways” playlist.

Watch the “Nerf Gun Giveaway 2017 Part 1” Video and read the comment section for instructions. Multiple Nerf Guns will be given away.

Here is the link to click on that will take you to our Nerf YouTube Channel. Click Here


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