Unboxing RC Car Review – Parent Prank | Dinner Time Kids

Dinner Time Parent Prank

Kids shooting Toy Unboxing Video Fail !

The Nerf Brothers unboxing of rc-cars & RC-Trucks gets interrupted when dad walks into their video shoot to tell them dinner is ready.

Catch the full rc-car toy unboxing episode on YouTube.

The brothers break some new boundaries as they take on Unboxing of new toys. Multiple RC Cars & RC Trucks for upcoming remote control car reviews.

Many affordable, cheap rc-cars & rc-trucks can be found on the internet. The boys take some time out from Nerf wars to unbox & review a few. Will it get nerf blasted or pass as a keeper in their toy collection. Parents can avoid some cheap rc car purchases by watching the boys toy car reviews.

Check their YouTube video description comments for links to the amazon products reviewed.

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