Nerf War – Breaking Nerf YouTube News

Nerf war breaking news video from summer vacation 2017.

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We hope you enjoy our first Nerf Brothers Breaking Nerf News release on YouTube.

We loaded up our Nerf Toy Gun arsenal and headed out to track down the mysterious lagoon creature. Lurking in the lakes and summer swimming areas.

We used caution when checking out some of the local boat docks and lake tree swings. We took the boat out with our Nerf guns prepared to fight the mysterious lagoon creature. We found it ! Nerf Blasters on high alert. The creature swam under the boat.

Luckily he was no match for our friends and the Nerf war that brought him down.
We made the national tv YouTube news channel for our summer adventure and taking down the lake lurking creature who was  threatening summer swimmers. High 5 for the Nerf Brothers.


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