Nerf War – Top Secret Summer

Official launch of our Nerf War Videos Nerf Toy Battle YouTube channel.

Kids YouTube Videos & Nerf War series will be released every Friday/Saturday.

Our first full Nerf Gun war series is a 2 -part episode release from our summer vacation where we battle a mystery mutant lagoon lake creature. Here it is.. Click Here.

Come adventure with us in our YouTube vlog style Nerf war episodes & series. Summer Nerf Episode 1 is posted, with part 2 the following week. We will try to keep most of our episodes limited to aprx. 4 mins.

Please hit the YouTube “Subscribe Button” & turn on “Post Notifications” to get our Nerf war video releases first.

We are building our Nerf Bunker and Nerf Arsenal of Nerf Toys. We will do some advanced Nerf Gun Modifications & special Nerf Toy Challenges.

We collaborate with other YouTubers and fans. Drop us a comment on one of our social media channels & let us know what you would like to see & if you want to Nerf with us.

nerf war Nerf-Brothers summer lake adventure Mirrored sun Glasses Backyard SwingSet

With our own unique style different from channels like PDK Films, Twin Toys, Onyx Kids  & others; our Nerf Toy series takes you on travel adventures & introduces you to crazy character based Nerf gun war video episodes.

We also enjoy many other fellow YouTubers & Gamers.


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